Our Process

Here at Clark Durant, we are experts in providing the best rubber track and helpful information you need for our machinery services. For more than 20 years, we strive to ensure that we are always supplying the best tracks in the industry.

As our top priority, we manufacture our rubber tracks to ensure credibility. The procedure of quality control is produced and developed so tracks can be delivered in one piece. This makes it possible for us to confirm the inner structure.

Main Objectives

  • All rubber tracks are manufactured according to Clark Durant requirements.
  • We inspect the quality in place
  • Gain insight into the process of producing rubber tracks
  • Strengthen business relations and improve credit terms.

How we do it

During the early stages of manufacturing, it takes approximately forty-eight hours to build a single component of the track. However, it takes less than a few hours to construct the track together.

Throughout the process, the components are randomly inspected and taken off the production line. The works test the durability and elasticity of the rubber to ensure that the strength of the metal core bars and wear rate are in line. Once the track is correctly assembled, they are tested and checked for dimensions.

The overall process of constructing a rubber track requires intensive labor as well as the proper testing and quality measures that go into to quality guarantees. This means that we have no doubts in selling them to our customers as well as offer a 2-year replacement warranty that we base our confidence with. Please contact us with any queries.