Best Rubber Tread Pattern for Skid Steer Loaders

Skid steer loaders are considered as the “Handy Man” among loading machinery. They are available in a variety of attachment options that much them most versatile and found on most construction sites. Skid steers have the ability to move significant amounts of gravel, landscape, clean and even do a few tricks.

skid-steer-loaders-3The type of skid steer and its horsepower depends on the kind of jobs it is used. This means it is important to choose the right kind of your job as well as maintain it. From inspecting oil and hydraulic fluids to lubricating lifting arms and pivot pins, it is highly important to keep rubber tracks and the undercarriage as well.

While having the best rubber tracks and proper maintenance is important, what tread pattern do you need for your skid steer?
Here is the best rubber tread pattern for skid steer loaders.

skid-steer-loaders-1It is important to determine the application of use for how you will be using the skid steer loader. This means you must decide the type of environment it will be utilized on, the materials you will load, and other job requirements involved.

Skids steers spend a majority of their life “walking,” which means that your tracks must be durable and reliable against various types of terrains and turn. The rubber tracks must have a low ground pressure to prevent unwanted damage to the working areas.

The rubber track tread patterns are developed to be close together as it provides durability with the S-shaped pattern that works to ensure that the loader will not jump when turning. The S-wave will offset one side of the rubber track to make sure that the track is somehow always on the ground even when walking. The S-wave pattern will reduce stress on the track and undercarriage and allow a smooth task operation along with long-lasting rubber tracks and little vibration.


The tread pattern is designed to enhance the size and speed of the skid steer. This allows the loader to provide efficient results and keep your mind at ease. Just be sure to order from a reputable supplier with quality designs and materials.