About Us

logo_At Clark Durant, we supply the parts for every earth-moving machine. We aim to make your business stress-free as we provide the best source of products, repairs and replacements fat the best prices.

With thirty years of experience, Clark Durant has grown to expand our products and development with partners all over the world. Through these global partnerships, we were able to provide:

  • Competitive prices
  • Quality supply replacement wear parts
  • Better access to stock
  • Cost control and top quality materials
  • Access to new products
  • Access to global knowledge

By manufacturing our operations and distribution, we are better able to suit your needs by maximizing productivity and putting delays to a bare minimum. We tailor to meet your demands and aid in supply solutions that will provide you with the parts you need, when and wherever you need them.

Clark Durant understands the importance of maximizing performance as all of our parts are independent tests to ensure that we provide only the highest levels of performance and integrity in the field.

Here at Clark Durant, our team works with you to help you find the best products you need for the best price to compete.